Listen. Discover. Define. Map. Produce. Execute. Launch. Measure.

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Brand creation, positioning & revitalization

We look at where you are now, where you want to be and where you haven’t even realized you can go. Albeit a shy start up or a publicly traded powerhouse — we deeply integrate ourselves to share your perspective and position.  We look across the entirety of the business and develop, with you, a holistic approach to achieving your goals whilst establishing new ones.



A strong position in the digital space has quickly transitioned from an option for brands to a necessity to stay relevant. Digital communication for a brand thrives through continual and consistent reinvention. We have successfully guided our clients through their moment of digital reawakening through on and off-line branding, community integration and the power of The Terminal Presents’ most unique tool, the youth intelligence team. The possibilities of digital strategy evolve every single day, we want to dictate where its’ headed next by way of your brands’ success.



With so many places to look, we can re-purpose a single campaign to touch every target demo your brand desires. We create consistent programs which can be activated across all touch points — such as traditional, web, social, retail, on-site and interactive. We work with your team to build an innovative communication platform that improves, encourages and steadily builds customer engagement.


creative ideation & guidance

We have aggressively studied pivotal moments in creative branding, identifying what it takes to make a brand establish cultural currency. We thrive in the capacity to identify what resonates with and motivates your end consumer. From a creative position, we are able to anticipate consumers’ needs before they know that they need it, respond to consumers wants in real time and in turn translate trends into a program, a product or a campaign. 

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The power of brand loyalty can be identified through growth in brand engagement numbers all the way through to product sales. Whether your brand is at the point of evaluating the benefits of additional product categories and licensing deals or simply exploring new terrain - we advocate collaboration. It is our goal to identify co-collaborators that will accelerate the brand.



Many brands tend to miss the target when aiming at Millenials, Generation X and Generation Y due to a lack of cultural understanding. As of today, Millenials are said to have more spending power than any other generation. We are out here with the youth culture garnering real time feedback as to what they want, respond to and feel is missing across different markets. We are able to translate this feedback into strategic marketing plans to cater to the younger demographics.